Lifestyle in Bhuj

Unlike Ahmedabad and the bigger cities of Gujrat, Bhuj still retains an old world traditional charm about it with numerous havelis that still stand in it. People in Bhuj are mostly traditional with a strong religious inclination though they are also jolly and easy going.

Lifestyle of Bhuj
Most townspeople like to live a simple and honest hardworking life here though there is no dearth of places to go for entertainment. Handicrafts and artwork are two of the biggest passions of the Bhuj town.

The Lifestyle Trends of Bhuj

Bhuj has a strong focus on education and development which is evident from the number of colleges, universities and organizations here. Post the 1956 earthquake this town has seen a lot of publicity and media glare which in turn has made the local population more aware of the latest lifestyle trends. Competition has also dramatically increased during last few years and with rapid industrialization there has been a lot of awareness.

The modern Bhuj populace goes to gyms, eats at good restaurants, watches movies and multiplexes and believes in staying fit by going to gyms and health centers. Gujarati women are very conscious about their appearance and do their best to maintain their appearance by frequenting the umpteen beauty parlors dotting the town. Being a major tourist attraction, Bhuj also has a good number of luxury hotels as well as comfortable lodges for accommodating guests. These hotels are equipped with all modern facilities like gym, spa, massage center, swimming pool and Internet.

Gyms in Bhuj

The population of Bhuj has always been very fond of their food and even in 10 years back, walking and light jogging was all they did in order to keep their weight down. Gyms were only available in the luxury resorts and dedicated fitness clubs in the town as people were not that aware about fitness. Things have changed now with local people flooding the gyms and health centers to keep themselves fit and attractive. A lot of the change has come with the infiltration of Bollywood as now locals want to own six packs like movie stars and flat abs like the Bollywood heroines.

Gyms in Bhuj

Most of the younger populace of Bhuj is quite appearance conscious and they regularly frequent gyms though the older population is slower in catching up. Some of the best gyms in Bhuj are Muscle and Fitness gym in Mundra road along with Anytime fitness gym in Vijaynagar. Most gym memberships are charged reasonably in Bhuj and almost all of them have separate timings for women (don’t forget that Bhuj is essentially a traditional town).

Health Care and Yoga Centers in Bhuj

Holistic fitness is the best way to beat the stress and strain of modern life. In order to cope with the demands of competition now it has become essential to ensure fitness of the mind as well as the body. Bhuj seems to have realized this need as there are umpteen organic health clinics, nature care centers along with Yoga centers here. Health centers like Navjivan Care center have developed which focuses on building health in a holistic way with regulated exercise, mind therapy, meditation and nature care. Alternative medicinal practices are cultivated in such centers which draws inspiration from Ayurveda the heritage of Indian medicine.

Health centers uses the body’s inherent life force and strengthens it with the help of medicinal aid, mind therapy and stress reduction techniques. The sole aim of these centers is to reduce the amount of toxins which accumulate in the body due to stress, pollution, anxiety and bad lifestyle choices. The Shivananda Balakashram in Bhuj is quite popular for holding yoga camps for kids between 10-15 and 16-20 in Bhuj. The purpose is to teach children the fundamental benefits of Yoga.

Nature and Food Care Centers in Bhuj

It’s a well known fact that biotechnological interventions in crop and use of fertilizers full of chemicals make agricultural produce that harms the human body in the long run. The public is slowly becoming aware of the fact that it’s better to consume food that is organically grown with natural fertilizers. The state of Gujrat is known for its awareness about the importance of organic food which is why it has invested in health farms.

Nature and Food Care Centers in Bhuj

Places like Anand Mangal Ayurveda center not only offers ayurvedic cures but also employs farmers who grow organic agricultural produce including grains, vegetables and fruits on the farm. The Anandhan Nature Cure Center also cultivates organic produce and people from Bhuj as well as nearby areas buy grains and vegetables from here.

Wellness Spa in Bhuj

Like all major towns, Bhuj has also grown very aware of the fact that spa treatments help rejuvenate the state of the body and have the capacity to dramatically reduce stress. There are spas which cater to only specific care of certain areas of the body like nail spa, hair spa etc. Bhuj has about 10 operational spas in the town and numerous more spas are owned by luxury hotels and resorts in Bhuj. Anjali Spa is one example of a spa in Bhuj which offers massage therapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture services, Swedish massage and many other services. There are also a couple of foot spas in Bhuj which offer detoxification foot massage. The fish foot treatment is especially famous as it is the latest trend in spa care.

Beauty Parlors in Bhuj

Beauty care is now no longer restricted to women as the average male is also waking up to the need to be groomed and attractive. However Bhuj being a traditional town still has women as almost the sole recipients of beauty care services. The parlors in Bhuj offer waxing, threading, head massage, henna , hair color, hair cutting, different types of facials, hair spa, pedicure and manicure services.

Beauty Parlors in Bhuj

Some of the well known parlors and their locations in Bhuj are as follows:

  • Radhe Beauty Parlour - Mota Varnora
  • Empire Beauty Parlour - Vijay Nagar
  • Upto Date Parlour - Station Road
  • Miss Mam Parlour - Vijay Nagar
  • Snazzy Beauty Parlour - Gujrat State Highway
  • Charlin Beauty Parlour - Chatthi Bari Ring Road

Some of these parlors also offer tattoo services at specific times.

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