Health in Bhuj

Bhuj is a very important town of Kutch District and it has already developed modern healthcare system to serve its residents and the huge numbers of visitors who come here throughout the year on various occasions. Demands of people are increasing and the same is true in the healthcare industry as well. To cope up with the demand for high standard in the healthcare system, Bhuj has already got some multi-specialty hospitals.

Health in Bhuj

Apart from public hospitals, private hospitals and clinics for specialized treatments, modern pathological centers and alternative modes of treatment are also there in Bhuj to serve its people as well as those who come here from outside.

Hospitals in Bhuj

Bhuj has private and public hospitals offering high standards of healthcare services to the people residing in the town area and also to the rural community. Primary health care centers located in the villages of Bhuj ensure that every resident gets minimum healthcare services. For specialized treatment hospitals are there in Bhuj where qualified and expert medical personals along with their team of para-medical and administrative staffs serve the patients in the best possible way.  Nanavaty Hospital, Viable Multispecialty Hospital, Accord Multispecialty Hospital are some of the renowned hospitals of Bhuj.  G.K. Hospital in Bhuj is a public and private venture making it a state-of-the-art hospital in Gujarat. Hospitals in Bhuj have facilities like in-patient, out-patient, Intensive Care Unit, Sterilized well-equipped operation theater and others.

Hospitals in Bhuj

Nanavaty Hospital - 02832 258 249
Viable Multispecialty - 02832 251 977, 02832 257 977
Accord Multispecialty - 02832 230 033

Nursing Homes and Private Clinics in Bhuj

Bhuj has super specialty nursing homes and private clinics to serve people within the town as well as from the surrounding areas. These healthcare services ensure personalized care, specialized treatment and fast diagnosis. Clinical diagnosis, radiology, pathology, pharmacy, blood banks etc. are available under one roof so patients are sure to get the best standard of treatment at these nursing homes. Private Clinics for eyes, orthopedics, ENT, dental problems etc. are also there in Bhuj where patients get specialized treatments at affordable costs.

Nursing Home in Bhuj

Patel Eye Care & Laser Centre, located in the opposite of New Civil Hospital in Bhuj, is known for its specialized eye treatments ranging from simple to the most complex one.

Patel Eye Care and Laser Center
Phone No:
02832 321 977 / 02832 320 977
Email Id.: [email protected]

Occupational Therapy in Bhuj

Occupational therapies like acupuncture, acupressure, Reiki, and others are the alternative treatment modes that are used to help patients in their rehab courses. Speech therapy, physiotherapy, behavioral therapy etc. are also part of occupational therapies used for bringing back patients to their normal life after surgery or any kind of trauma caused by incidents like natural disasters, road accidents etc. Bhuj has specialized occupational therapists working as freelancers, with hospitals & other healthcare services and with various NGOs.

Yoga in Bhuj

Many ashramas and alternative treatment centers in Bhuj treat their patients with yogasanas and meditation, the ancient way of healing body and mind. Bhuj has yoga centers where experts take classes and prescribe right yogasanas to their patient.  Yoga therapies are used for treating patients with physical and mental problems so that they get back to their normal lives fast. One such ashrama in Bhuj is the Sivananda Balakashram located in Haripur Village of Bhuj.

Dieticians in Bhuj

Dieticians in Bhuj help patients, athletes, pregnant women, children, teenagers and others to find out the right diet plan so that they can get the required nutrients in the right amount and keep fit and healthy. Dieticians help underweight people to put on weight and overweight people to shed off extra weight by having the right diet plan. Bhuj hospitals and nursing homes have qualified dieticians who visit their patients daily and prescribe diets as per their needs so that recovery is faster.

Medical Tourism in Bhuj

Specialized treatments by the best pool of doctors, low cost of treatment, perfect ambience along with other added facilities have popularized healthcare services of Bhuj among the domestic and international visitors. Patients from nearby towns and cities of Bhuj keep coming here to different hospitals, nursing homes and other clinics to get the best treatment. As Bhuj is easily connected to the capital city of India, Mumbai, patients from Gulf areas and the neighboring country, Pakistan are also coming here to get medical treatment of high standard at reasonable cost. 

Medical Tourism in Bhuj

Even government is taking initiative to encourage medical tourism in Bhuj and that is why G.K. Hospital in Bhuj has been provided with the best facilities to transform it to one-of-its-kinds hospitals in the country. Naturopathy remedies are also very popular in Bhuj and that attracts tourists to get healing done through various types of herbal and Ayurvedic remedies. Yoga, meditation, and acupuncture are the various treatment modes that are used in Navjivan Nature Cure Center.

Navjivan Nature Cure Center
Phone No.: 099789 64431
Email Id.:
[email protected]

Sivananda Balakashram
Phone No.: 02832 324 349
Email Id.:
[email protected]

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