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Things to Do in Bhuj

So you are planning a trip to Bhuj and are mighty excited about it! Well Bhuj is a very interesting town and there is a lot to see, explore and shop there. Because of its inaccessibility (Bhuj was guarded for centuries by the strong Bhuj wall) Bhuj has retained a strong individual ethnicity and a cultural affinity that is now hard to find in other towns of India. When you step inside Bhuj you will feel that you have entered a different era which is traditional yet enthralling. Here is a list of several things that you can do to make your stay entertaining in Bhuj.

Things to do in Bhuj

Exploring Bhuj

When you are in Bhuj you should spend every waking moment outdoors drinking in the smells and the sights of this small and fiercely traditional town. Go out with your camera and take some great pictures as Bhuj is the perfect place for photography. Here are the places you can visit in Bhuj:

Aina Mahal in Bhuj

The palace of Mirrors of the Aina Mahal is a feast for the eyes. Situated right beside the Prag Mahal alongside the Hamirsar Lake the Aina Mahal is a wonder of architecture with the pleasure pool, durbar and the royal courtyard all filled with relics from the lives of Maharao’s of Bygone eras.

Hamirsar Lake in Bhuj

If you want to spend some pleasant time with your family or friends then stroll down to the Hamirsar Lake where you will have a grand time feeding the ducks, boating and indulging in some photography. You can also visit the Rajendra Garden which is in the middle of Hamirsar Lake.

Kachchh Museum in Bhuj

The largest museum of Bhuj; the Kachchh Museum is a must visit place for you. There are 11 different sections in the museum with amazing displays of music, anthropology, literature, weapons, textile and folk art.

Kutch Museum

It’s not enough to dedicate only a few hours to Kachchh Museum; an entire day is less to explore its charms.

Shopping in Bhuj

Bhuj is literally a shopper’s paradise. Being one of the textile and handicraft hubs of India it presents so many opportunities to the discerning shopper that one trip is not enough to explore everything that the markets of Bhuj have to offer.

Silver / Chandi Gali in Saraf Bazaar

Every locality in Bhuj wears hordes of silver jeweler as it adds to their personal iconography. If you have a fetish for unusual tribal patterned silver jewelry then walk inside Saraf Bazaar till you reach the tiny Silver Gali (as it is informally known). The Silver Gali has silversmiths sitting openly on the street adorned in traditional clothes. You will get all types of antique silver jewelry right from Bajubandhs to Jhumkas to chunky kadas that are usually not found in other parts of India. Prices are low as Bhuj is silver hub of India but do not forget to bargain hard.

Kala Raksha Kendra in Bhuj

Shopping in BhujJust hop on an auto and reach the Kala Raksha Kendra situated on the airport road. About 200 tribal women practice the art of embroidery there and many of the embroidery forms are now extinct in other parts of the world. You can get textile rolls, shawls, stoles, handbags, cholis and kurtis all decorated in 6 embroidery styles. Suf, Paako, Khaaarek, Garsia Jat, Rabari and Mutava are the embroidery patterns sold from Kala Raksha Kendra. Since it’s a government initiative the prices are reasonable and the products are authentic.

Khamir in Bhuj

Khamir is a crafts and leatherwork institute that will charm you with its intricate and unique offerings. You can take a shared taxi from Bhuj auto stand to reach Khamir which is right beside BMCB Social City. Khamir is also a culture and crafts preservation institute which specializes in the propagation of lacquer work wood, leather work, carved knife work and kharad work of Kutch. You can sit and watch the craftsmen of Bhuj at work in the premises of Khamir. Top things you should buy here are pottery items, joothis, copper bells and antique knives.

Bharat Shopping Mall

Just beside Rudramata Air Force Base in Bhuj there is the biggest shopping mall in Bhuj called Bharat Shopping Mall. If you want a contemporary taste of the lifestyle and shopping of Bhuj then you can visit the Bharat Shopping Mall. Gujarat as a whole is completely inclined towards the promotion of Indian brands so you won’t see foreign brands in this mall. Most Indian brands and shops selling every type of commodity from clothes to shoes to music c.d. and books are present in this mall. There is also a food court in this mall where you can spend a pleasant time with friends and family.

Eating in Bhuj

There are many eateries and restaurants in Bhuj that can help keep your taste buds satisfied and tickled. South Indian, Gujarati and Kutch cuisine is served in the restaurants normally but you can also find Chinese and continental cuisine in some places.

Eating Out in Bhuj

Annapurna Restaurant in Bhuj

This is one of the best restaurants in Bhuj serving delicious South Indian and Gujarati cuisine. Savor crispy hot dosas, uttapams, medu vada and upma or dig into the sumptuous Gujarati Thai. You will get almost all kinds of vegetarian food in this restaurant and it has a beautiful ambience and comfortable seating arrangement.

Noorani Mahal

Noorani Mahal stands in the Airport Road in Bhuj and it is one of the few restaurants in Bhuj serving non vegetarian food in Bhuj. If you cannot live without your Biryani, Butter Chicken and Kebabs then a visit to the Noorani Mahal is a must. As you must know alcohol is banned in Gujarat but at the Noorani Mahal you can get cold beer or your favorite brand of liquor if you request the waiter especially for it.

Kandoli Vejli Kara

If you love snacks like chole bature, vada pav, pakoras, chaat and all kinds of nashto (as they call snacks in Gujarati) then Kandoli Vejli Kara is the place for you. This eatery is near the station road and besides stuffing yourself with street delicacies here you can also try out Kutch specialties like set tamatar, lahsooni parantha and alo lahsuni. Make sure you purchases traditional Kutchi snacks like khaman dhokhla, fafra, khavda etc for the folks back home.

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