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Rann Utsav in Bhuj

The Rann Utsav of Bhuj is one of the most interesting mega cultural fairs of India. The awesome thing about this fair is that it is not held in broad daylight but in shining moonlight. This fair is the epitome of art, craft, dance and music expressions as nearly all prominent Kutchi artists come to this fair to display their talent. From the bustling town of Bhuj the fair is carried away to the Banni grasslands where rarer forms of craft like snake charmers, magicians, camel racers and rooster fight conductors come to show the unique traditions of Kutch.

Rann Utsav in Bhuj

If you have never visited Gujarat or Rann of Kutch and are given only one opportunity to see the place then you should choose to come here during December-January so that you can visit the magic that is Rann Utsav.

Fun at Rann Utsav

Rann Utsav is so full of myriad sights and sounds that as a natïve tourist you may be overwhelmed by the colorful ferocity of the fair. Here is a list of things you should do when you visit the Rann Utsav in Bhuj.

Fun at Rann Utsav in Bhuj

Ride across the Rann on a horseback while admiring the moonlight on the sand dunes. The horses in the fair are quite well trained and decked up in gorgeous saddles and headgear. Sample the famous Kutchi delicacies like Tamatar Sev, Lahsuni Aloo, Lahsuni Bhindi, Achari Baingan and Lahsuni Parantha which are sold in stalls in the Rann Utsav. Buy artifacts and samples of the 16 different forms of embroidery and mirror work that is the tradition of Kutch. Also browse the amazing collections of Patch work, Ajrakh block prints, Batik block prints and Rabari work envisioned on textiles, bags and shoes. Watch the Kutchi tribal potters squat down on the desert floor and transform lumps of clay into beautiful samples of pottery through their expertise and mastery.

Look through the leatherwork and the iron work displayed by the craftsmen. Antique daggers, purses and knives with enameled edges are the specialty of the Rann Utsav. Watch the fierce race of camels across the salt desert and look at their riders goading the beasts along to the finale. See the snake charmer blow enchanting tunes and make the serpents dance amidst the glittering white sands of the Rann of Kutch.

Camel Ride at Rann Utsav

Watch street magicians sit down in their colorfully decorated tents and display tricks that range from vanishing tricks to hypnosis acts. Listen to the beautiful rendition of the seven different forms of Kutchi instruments and hear Kutchi folk songs. Also see the gorgeously dressed local tribeswomen and tribesmen sway to those tunes. Every year the folk dance and music program in the Rann Utsav draws the majority of national and international tourist. Stay in the confines of a typically desert tent set up under the star studded sky in the white sands of the Rann. It will be a treat to see the wild landscape at such close quarters.

Fire works at Rann Utsav in Bhuj

Hot balloon rides are arranged for tourists in the Rann Utsav. Get up on one if you wish to see a bird’s eye view of the moonlit desert and the activities of the fair. Go bird watching with a guide who can show you the exotic species of birds that visit the Banni grasslands when the fair shifts there. The Kutch Rann Utsav in Bhuj is one of the most photographed fairs in India. Make sure you take your loot of amazing snapshots before Rann Utsav 2014-2015 ends. There are also traditional Rajputana and Kutchi costumes on rent which can make you experience the thrill of being a Jadeja warrior for one hour.

Tourist Packages for Rann Utsav of Bhuj

In order to promote the rich diversity of performing arts, visual arts, crafts, handicrafts and richness of culture that is showcased in the Rann Utsav, the Gujarat Government has stepped in to promote and facilitate the festival for maximizing tourist participation. There are different kinds of tourist options like 2 night 3 day packages and 3 nights 4 day packages that are arranged for tourists on behalf of the government. These packages comprise of a chance to see the many attractions of the Rann Utsav, stay overnight in tents along with sightseeing to different tourist spots like Kala Dungar, Hodko, Ludiya and other tourist attractions near Bhuj.

Shows during Rann Utsav in Bhuj

The package details and tariffs of tent accommodation in Rann Utsav is as follows:
  • 2 nights and 3 days – INR 15000 only  per couple on twin sharing basis
  • 3 nights and 4 days- INR 22500 only per couple on a twin sharing basis
  • There will be 7.42% of service charge levied on all packages
  • The package will include accommodation and breakfast, lunch, dinner at nearby restaurants and cafes
  • Each tent will be air conditioned with spate modern bathing facilities. There will beautiful lounge section outside each tent.
  • The package will also include airport/ train transfers to and fro from nearest airport and railway station.
  • All Gujarat government packages will include half day of sightseeing to the white Rann of Kutch
  • Local guides are also available who will show tourists all other attractions of Bhuj and nearby areas for a designated cost.
  • It’s advisable to do the booking at least 4 months in advance before the actual commencement of Rann Utsav as all tents are sold out very fast.

Timing and Location of the Rann Utsav Bhuj

Rann Utsav starts on a full moon night in the month of December. The idea behind holding this fair on a full moon night is to highlight the strange beauty of the white sands which glow like silver on moonlit nights.
The Rann Utsav is basically a camp fair which starts in the grand town of Bhuj, moves around the entire region of Kutch before again coming back to the Bhuj town. The opening and the closing festivities of Rann Utsav is always centered on the town of Bhuj.

The average footfall per year at the Rann Utsav crosses 8000 national and International visitors. The Gujarat Government plays a major role in promoting, organizing and managing the festival.

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